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In the Footsteps of Sheridan in the Shenandoah

Battle of Fisher's Hill

September 22, 1864

The Confederates thought their position on Fisher's Hill was strong - it was called the Gibraltar of the Confederacy. The valley was narrow at this point and a position on the hill afforded a commanding view. But Union forces under Phil Sheridan overwhelmed the Confederates.

Sheridan's victory over Jubal Early's troops provided a boost for U.S. morale and the re-election of President Lincoln.

45fortifications 46fishershill 48hillview
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49betty 50group 54downhill
A short hike up Fisher's Hill is worthwhile for a look at the geography of the battle - and a lovely view!
56strasburgmill 59valley 63creek
Mill, Valley Turnpike, Strasburg, VA. Next to bridge where battle ended Along this mountain, Early's men marched single file to surprise Sheridan Cedar Creek - see Battle of Cedar Creek

Fisher's Hill Battlefield is easy to find just south of Strasburg on U.S. 11 (the old Valley Turnpike).

In Sheridan's memoirs, his description of the battle of Fisher's Hill is about 3/4 down the page.

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Photos taken Summer 1996 by Linda Javins Walcroft, Posted 2003


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