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Monocacy to Kernstown

Into the Shenandoah, 1864

At Monocacy Battlefield in Maryland, we studied Jubal Early's 1864 attack on Washington. At Monocacy, Early's army was delayed by Union troops under Lew Wallace, who were unable to stop him but succeeded in holding him in Monocacy long enough for reinforcements to reach the forts surrounding Washington.

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Introducing the day's studies at Leesburg Residence of Best Family, Monocacy Battlefield New Jersey Monument on Monocacy Battlefield, MD Lecture, Monocacy Battlefield
6042MonocacyRR 6044FederalsStand 6048walkfromford 6053worthington
Railroad, Monocacy Battlefield Monocacy Battlefield Near the Ford Worthington House
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Thomas Farm, Monocacy 87th Penna Monument Monocacy Battlefield Lecture at Monocacy

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Introduction: Into the Shenandoah 1864

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