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Fredericksburg, Virginia

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December 1862: Lincoln had placed Ambrose E. Burnside at the head of the Union Army, replacing McClellan.Burnside attempted to take the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, intending to get between Lee's army and Richmond. But first the Federal army had to cross the Rappahannock River.

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sign about Fort Hood sign about pelham site of pontoon bridges
Fort Hood historical marker John Pelham sign near Fredericksburg Pontoon Bridge Site
train group Lee Drive cannon
The railroad still crosses the battlefield. Lecture at Prospect Hll Artillery, Prospect Hill
09leeshill 10gunview 13innis
Sign, Lee's Hill Overlooking Fredericksburg The Innis House near the Sunken Road
15town 16street 18brompton
The brick house was one of only three in the area of the sunken road in 1862 Looking up a slight hill towards the sunken road and Marye's Heights Brompton, the Marye House, overlooks the sunken road

While delays in getting pontoon bridges kept Union forces from crossing the river, Lee's forces got in place to wage a formidable defense at Fredericksburg. At Marye's Heights, the disastrous Union charge showed the folly of a frontal assault against entrenchments on high ground.

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Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, September 2003

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