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McNeill's Rangers

We started our 2010 tour in Middletown. After introducing the topic of partisan rangers and the extent they were used by both sides in the Civil War, Professor Poland led a car caravan across the mountains to Moorefield, West Virginia, home of John McNeill. McNeill and his son Jesse became well known as leaders of a Confederate cavalry unit known as McNeill's Rangers.

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1592CPmiddletown 1595guerrillachart 1596Bettymoorefield 1599frontmoorefield
Lecture in Middletown View of Moorefield Tour near Moorefield
1606moorefield 1621cabinmoorefield 1623pam_martha 1626chartromney
The Willows Near Romney
marker 1635cumberland 1649CPpawpaw 1666pawpaw
Cumberland, MD, site of a Successful Raid Paw Paw Tunnel

Photos taken by Linda Walcroft, May 2010, on a trip that was part of Advanced Civil War class, Northern Virginia Community College

These pictures and more appeared on my blog — see my McNeill posts.


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