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Trevilian Station to Piedmont

Into the Shenandoah, 1864

After the disastrous assault at Cold Harbor, Grant planned to pressure Lee from many directions. Sherman was "marching through Georgia" but Richmond had not yet fallen in the east.

mapTrying to cut off Richmond from the abundance of the Shenandoah Valley, Grant sent Union cavalry to destroy the railroad at Trevilian Station, which lies northwest of Richmond along the Spotswood Trail (US 33) which leads across the Blue Ridge to the Shenandoah Valley.

On this tour, we broke our tradition of following events chronologically for logistical reasons. We visited Trevilian Station first (because it is closer to Northern Virginia) and then went across the Blue Ridge to Piedmont Battlefield, although the Battle of Piedmont occurred first.

(Map Not to Scale)     

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5980gordonsville 5982trevilian 5984treviliantracks 5988netherlandtavern
Gordonsville, 9 AM Trevilian Station in 2008
Netherlands Tavern
5994BibbXroad 5999Trevilian 6004lecturetrack 6005OggTrevilian
Bibbs Crossroad Trevilians Tour Site of the Seven Union Charges / Ogg Farm
6007Exchange 6007weapontalk 6008spinner 6012hospitalward
Exchange Hotel
Tour of the Exchange Hotel, which was used as a Civil War Hospital

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