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Battle of Port Republic

Jackson's Valley Campaign

In June of 1862, Jackson's army was threatened by the simultaneous approaches of two Federal armies in the Shenandoah Valley. Jackson divided his force into two parts, one under General Ewell and one under his own command. Ewell's forces met Fremont's Union Army at Cross Keys and managed to turn them away.
On the following day, forces under Jackson fought Union forces near the village of Port Republic. The Confederates won the battle although losses were significant.
This tour completed our study of Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign. Jackson's efforts to draw Federal forces away from Richmond were a success.
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rolling hills People at intersection
Field and mountains
We followed Jackson's route to Port Republic Cross Keys Battlefield
log home steps to museum picture of turner ashby
House in Village of Port Republic House where Turner Ashby was taken after being fatally wounded near Harrisonburg
flowers and trees
people walking
Peaceful scenes in Port Republic End of the tour


Beginning of Jackson's Valley Campaign

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